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    I respect your decision to lock any thread you want, since it is your board.

    It is true that my thread was not in the usual high spirits of this board. Because it dealt with a very serious current subject. On the other hand, there is seriousness and unpleasant subjects in Jack Vance's fiction too, but it is transformed into fantasy, and it is up to the reader's sensitiveness how he/she will react to it. I believe Jack Vance was more serious in ways than many of his readers are.

    I believe the political standpoint I take, which is politically incorrect, and therefore may shock some of you, is part of the reason you locked the thread. 

    I am provoked by Matt Hughes's leftwing political smugness. He is a much celebrated and loved member of this board. But he is also very political. Much too political, and specifically politically correct, for his own good as a creative writer, I think. 

    I realise that my nonconformist statements may have caused some hatred against me. But I will have to live with that.



    Reply from axolotl:

    Understood. Glad you can live with it. I certainly do not share your views, but that is neither here nor there. It is nuncupatory, in fact :-) I just try, as Administrator, to keep the general mood of this forum, which is, as you say, in a lighter vein... 

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